Thursday, June 14, 2012

ha! my first mini scene

I just recently discovered the world of modern miniatures and I'm hooked! When I was a little girl I had so much fun making doll houses out of shoe boxes with cardboard furniture and paper dolls so imagine my surprise when I found out they make modern furniture and doll houses I can't believe it! How come I only knew this today and how come I'm poor.. haha! Anyways, I frantically searched the internet where I can buy Reac chairs, Re-ment and other miniatures of course I have to consider my purchasing power also (or what we call here "Peso-Power" which is close to none. Thanks to mastercard I was able to buy a few.. so presenting my first scene.. tadaa!
and some close-up shots like the pros do ;) The paintings are from a local artist which I resized and printed. Me bad. I hope she doesn't mind ^^;
I don't have a doll house yet.. (i'm hopeful) so guess where i put them.....
in our bookshelf of course! my calvin and hobbes books have to stay on the table below temporarily :)



  1. Haha! You've been assimilated! :D Welcome to the world of mini modern addiction.
    Love your scene, you have the knack.